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A man and his two sons play on equipment in a park

Innovation Priorities Review

In December 2022 we launched our first Innovation Priorities Review.

We investigated what the biggest current issues are in accessible transport that we should be addressing through innovation.

Our investigation included:

  • Insight from disabled people, working with disabled-led agency Purple Goat – including the establishing of an experts by experience panel, focus groups, and a survey with 750 disabled respondents
  • A major evidence review conducted by Thinks Insight & Strategy
  • Engagement with external stakeholders, including other charities on best practice in innovation
  • Extensive internal engagement with Motability Foundation staff, governors and senior directors

Key findings from the review

A video from the members of our experts by experience panel

What people told us about transport accessibility:

  • Disabled people told us that their ‘Plan A’ for travel is having enough information to make informed consumer choices, travelling independently and safely, and having accessibility as a ‘given’ rather than a ‘nice to have’
  • Existing modes of transport still aren’t getting the basics right for disabled people
  • There is no ‘one size fits all’ solution to transport accessibility
  • Disabled people told us they are sometimes excited about potential future transport modes and technologies, particularly for journey planning, but this seems a long way off.
  • New technology and modes of transport are emerging all the time. The impact of these on disabled people are not well understood.

What people think we should focus on:

  • There is appetite for us to tackle the ‘big issues’ that already exist like barriers to accessing public transport, as well as utilising emerging modes and technologies
  • Disabled people would like to know more about our work and have the opportunity to get involved
  • Our stakeholders want the opportunity to collaborate with us earlier in our innovation process

Our new priority areas

We’ve made strong progress so far with our work on accessible EV charging and the launch of the National Centre for Accessible Transport (ncat).

Taking into account all of the responses we received during the review, we have decided to take a broader approach, working on a wide range of projects covering different transport modes and disabilities. 

Priority One

Finding solutions to improve existing transport in the areas of greatest opportunity.

Harry is looking in the back mirror of his vehicle smiling. He is in his powered wheelchair at the steering wheel of his vehicle.

Priority Two

Ensuring accessibility is a key part of future transport modes and technology.

A gentleman is in a wheelchair at a bus stop waiting for a bus to arrive.

Our approach

  • We will take a more agile, experimental approach to our innovation work, focusing on areas where there is the strongest evidence of need.
  • We are dedicated to involving and co-creating with disabled people to ensure that our actions result in a truly inclusive and accessible transport system.
  • We will be open and approachable with our projects, inviting early collaboration with stakeholders

By working together, we can make meaningful progress and create a positive impact on the lives of disabled people.

Collaborate with us

If you are interested in collaborating with our Innovation team please email

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