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We carry out, commission and fund research with disabled people and other partners, to understand how our current work makes a difference and to explore and develop new ways to make all transport accessible.

Our impact and evaluation research

Our impact and evaluation team carries out research to measure and evaluate the impact of our current programmes and to help us understand how we can grow our impact in the future.

Our innovation research

Our Innovation Team has previously conducted an in-depth programme of research, covering everything from the impact of Covid-19 on travel for disabled people to the market for wheelchairs and accessible electric vehicle design.

We are continuously searching for opportunities to better understand the accessible transport landscape and will continue to share our learning publicly.

Our reports

We are publishing and sharing our reports, because we believe that the findings are important for a wide range of people and organisations who care about the same things that we do.

Our research grants

We also provide research grants to better understand the ways transport accessibility needs to change, working with organisations such as Energy Saving Trust, Sustrans, RNIB, Leonard Cheshire, Wheelchair Alliance and Designability.

Following our research, we have started to look for, and generate, innovative solutions to meet the evolving transportation needs of disabled people.

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Our research reports

We have extensive research available on disabled people's experience of transport, accessible transport, electric vehicle charging infrastructure and more.

Our reports


Our research and innovation shows what needs to change so that more disabled people can use transport, now and in the future.

Our innovation work


We measure and evaluate the impact of our work by understanding the needs of disabled people, planning our projects and services with impact in mind, and by carrying out evaluation studies.

Our impact