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Spencer and his family are enjoying the sunny outdoor stole on a grassy field. They are smiling and hugging.

"The car makes a huge difference"

Spencer, 11, lives in Essex with his family. The grant for their wheelchair accessible vehicle (WAV) has eased his anxiety. Now he is eager to go to school.

“Being able to sit in-between his younger brother and sister puts Spencer at ease."

“Spencer has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, which causes muscle weakness,” says mum Alex.

“He was diagnosed, age 6, when it started to affect the lower half of his body.

"He struggled with all kinds of physical activities such as jumping, running and climbing stairs and would fall frequently even when he walked.”

At the age of 8, Spencer couldn’t get himself in or out of a standard car and relied on being lifted.

“When we heard we could get a Motability Foundation grant to put down an Advanced Payment on a bigger, adapted vehicle, it was a relief because it meant Spencer could get in and out of it in his powered wheelchair, which restored a bit of independence.

“Being able to sit in-between his younger brother and sister puts him at ease.

"Spencer feels far more comfortable when he’s got them either side of him. This Citroen Space Tourer supports every aspect of his needs.”

“As a family of five – and the dog – we love going on road trips, getting out in the fresh air, taking in the beautiful views.

"We live near the beach, which is a fun place for the whole family to go.

"We love going through old photos, remembering what happened on those days. There are so many fond memories.”

Alex heard about the Motability Scheme through Spencer’s DLA and, so far, the family have had two vehicles. “Before we joined we were limited to where we could go, and relied heavily on public transport, which made school runs and appointments difficult,” says Alex.

“At peak times, there would already be people on the bus with buggies or other wheelchair users, so there was often no room for us. Sometimes we had to wait for another bus and ended up being late.”

Spencer is sitting in his wheelchair with his siblings sitting around him in the back of his WAV relaxing.
“Getting the Motability Foundation grant has made our wishes come true.”
Spencer's mum, Alex

"Since getting a wheelchair accessible vehicle, his anxiety has almost gone and he is eager to get ready to go."

Travelling to Great Ormond Street, in London, by train, was equally problematic. “Sometimes there wasn’t a lift on route,” Alex explains, “so me and my mum would have to carry him in his wheelchair up and down steps, which was extremely dangerous.

"The car made a huge difference because it took the stress out of making journeys.

"Getting a grant towards the bigger vehicle was better still. You can’t lift a heavy powerchair!”

“We would be stuck in doors a lot if it wasn’t for our vehicle,” she adds.

“It has not only made a huge difference to Spencer but to us all as a family.

"Without the hassle of public transport, we have more time to enjoy precious family moments.

“When he was younger, Spencer suffered from severe anxiety, and he wasn’t always willing to go to school.

"Since getting a wheelchair accessible vehicle, his anxiety has almost gone and he is eager to get ready to go.

"Without the help of the grant, we couldn’t afford a specially adapted car.

"Getting the Motability Foundation grant has helped in so many ways. It really has made our wishes come true.”

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