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A lady is smiling while sitting in an adapted wheel on a running track with a lady and man smiling next to her on a tandem cycle.

New active travel grant for inclusive cycle and wheeling programme in Sussex

Thursday, 23 May 2024

We’ve provided a £230,686 grant for the MoveAbility project in Newhaven - an exciting new inclusive cycle and wheeling programme for disabled people. As part of this three-year funding, disabled people will be able to trial, hire and loan bicycles within the Lewes district of Sussex and surrounding areas.

Why are we funding this project?

MoveAbility will support disabled people to travel more actively and increase their physical activity. The programme will offer:

  • adapted bicycles and wheels,
  • travel training activities,
  • accessible route maps, and
  • volunteer-led active travel rides for disabled people.

The two organisations behind the project - Sussex Community Development Association (SCDA) and Sustrans - will also deliver a programme of events and activities to support disabled people with visible and hidden disabilities. The partnership aims to reach 300 disabled people over the next year.

“Freedom and independence”

Jamie Lloyd from SCDA said: “I’ve seen the freedom that walking, wheeling and cycling can bring to people. It’s a great way of getting fit and getting out and saving money.

“A cycle can be a mobility aid for a person with limited mobility and a great way of travelling to local shops, the National Park or getting to the train station or work.  

“The aim of this project is to offer this freedom and independence to as many people as possible who identify as having a disability.”

“Fun and affordable”

Sustrans’ Lucy Dance said: “I have been working with more vulnerable members of the community for many years, especially in the field of active travel and cycling, and I am looking forward to working with local people on this project.

“Walking, wheeling and cycling are a fun and affordable way to increase people’s confidence and improve physical and mental health.”

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