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A min-bus with writing on the side of the vehicle reads Worcester Wheels. The mini-bus is facing away with the boot open and the ramp down. On the left-hand side of the open boot is a man with short brown and blonde hair wearing a Worchester Wheels branded navy polo, green trousers and black trainers. On the right-hand side of the open boot is a women with long brown hair wearing a Worchester Wheels branded navy polo, black skirt and pink trainers.

New community transport grant awarded to Worcester Wheels

Friday, 05 July 2024

We’re delighted to award Worcester Wheels a Community Transport Grant totalling £436,478 over three years.

Why are we funding this project?

Worcester Wheels Community Transport operates in Worcester City and the surrounding rural areas.

This initiative provides a vital personalised door-to-door service to a wide range of people, including disabled people, who are unable to access or use public transport.

Worcester Wheels in action

Our grant-funding will enable the extension of the Worcester Wheels service around Worcester city and surrounding rural areas - supporting over 400 people a year to make journeys and to source more volunteers. Specifically, the grant will support:

  • the purchase four vehicles,
  • leasing two minibuses,
  • recruiting more staff,
  • training for staff and volunteers and,
  • purchasing an electric charging point to kickstart their ‘going green’ programme.

Worcester Wheels has been operating with their new fleet and additional resources for five months now and they are already seeing a positive impact in the community.

“Greater access to travel”

Dormston Cook, Business Manager at Worcester Wheels, describes this grant as a “once in a lifetime opportunity.”

“We are delighted to be awarded with this grant, it will have a lasting impact on our charity. The funding will allow us to increase our transport service so that more disabled people of Worcester have greater access to travel.”

"A lifeline to passengers" 

Lisa Jones, our Director of Charitable Operations, said: “We’re delighted to award Worcester Wheels with this grant to expand transport services for disabled people in Worcester city and the surrounding areas.

“This transport can be a lifeline to passengers, by supporting independent living, reducing isolation, and improving access to services.

“Awarding grants to important local organisations like Worcester Wheels helps us to make an immediate difference to the transport needs of disabled people.”

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