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A gentleman is in a wheelchair at a bus stop waiting for a bus to arrive.

New research grant shares findings into mental health and transport

Tuesday, 21 May 2024

We’re delighted to have awarded Mental Health Innovations a grant totalling £357,500 to undertake real-time research into the barriers faced by disabled people when travelling, provide recommendations, and support individuals through the Shout text service.

Who are Mental Health Innovations?

The charity Mental Health Innovations uses data and research, clinical expertise, innovation, and partnerships, to improve the mental health of the UK population and make a positive impact through the provision of digital tools, support, and resources.

What research have we funded?

With our grant funding, Mental Health Innovations conducted research and published a literature review and report. Their report, titled ‘How people with disabilities experience travel and potential solutions to improve equity in mobility’, is now available to read.

What does the research focus on?

The focus of their literature review and report is to gain insight into:

  • how disabled people in the UK experience travel,
  • what barriers and obstacles disabled people face when travelling or are planning to travel,
  • how disabled people navigate these challenges and,
  • how this impacts their wellbeing.

The report also highlights innovative national and international projects aimed at improving the travel experiences of disabled people.

While conducting the research Mental Health Innovations took the opportunity to include their unique insight from their ‘Shout’ text messaging support service data. They examined what disabled Shout texters find challenging when negotiating or contemplating travel, and the strategies they utilise to cope.

Alongside the report, Mental Health Innovations are launching a digital marketing campaign to signpost access to the 'Shout' text messaging support service, for the mental health of those facing challenges whilst travelling.

Supporting organisations to make a difference

Lisa Jones, Director of Charitable Operations at the Motability Foundation said: “We’re delighted to award Mental Health Innovations with this grant to undertake real-time research into the barriers faced by disabled people when travelling, provide recommendations, and support individuals when travelling, through the Shout text service.

“Awarding research grants to important organisations, such as Mental Health Innovations, helps us to make an immediate difference to the transport needs of disabled people.”

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