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Harry is smiling in his bedroom. The walls behind him have different number plates.

"My car has transformed my life"

“We would not be able to afford such an adapted vehicle without it [grant]."

“My family have been longstanding users of Motability Scheme since 2009 when I was a child, but as soon as I was able to drive myself, we asked for help to get a car which enables me to drive while sitting in my wheelchair.

“My Motability Foundation grant was a substantial contribution towards the Advance Payment for the vehicle, the adaptations I needed and my driving lessons."

“We would not be able to afford such an adapted vehicle without it."

Harry is opening the front door of his vehicle smiling. Whilst he has his hands on the steering wheel. He is in his powered wheelchair.
“At the moment, I can still walk a few paces in the house, but rely on my electric wheelchair and the adapted car for transport.”

“I hope it demonstrates that having a disability shouldn’t hold you back."

“I have Duchenne muscular dystrophy, a progressive muscle wasting condition.

"I am now 20, and passed my driving test at 17 in my car. Without it, I would have to rely on my parents Sally and Chris for transport.

“I live at home with them and our two sausage dogs, Poppy and Rosie.

"I also have two older sisters who live locally and I am now uncle to nephew, Theo.

“At Telford College I got an accountancy qualification, and since leaving education I work part-time as a swimming school administrator, based at home.

“I love anything to do with cars and in 2019 I did a big road trip across Europe with my dad, visiting seven countries in eight days.

"The whole trip was awesome and we stopped off at various museums and factories in Germany.

“While visiting the famous Nurburgring circuit, we got to ride the track, which was fantastic.

"This trip was my first time driving abroad and I experienced the full range of roads from Autobahns to snow covered mountain passes. 

“I hope it demonstrates that having a disability shouldn’t hold you back.

“As a huge motorsport fan, I was very lucky in my final year at secondary school to be able to do a week’s work experience at the Mercedes Formula 1 team factory.

"They arranged for me to meet Lewis Hamilton and spend some time in his garage when I visited a grand prix.

"Having a car has made a huge impact on my independence."

“Despite my disability, I can see my friends when I like and indeed have just been on my first holiday without my parents.”
Harry is smiling at the camera. He is in a bright red top. With his car keys in his left hand.

"My car has transformed my life"

“I would not be able to do any of this without it.

"My car has transformed my life and given me independence I would not otherwise have. 

“With my muscle strength deteriorating there will be the need for further car adaptations that I would not be able to get by myself.

"I am very grateful for the grant from Motability Foundation and for all the help they give me.”

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